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Selasa, 09 Mei 2017

Examples of English About Grammar

  SUTRI YONO       Selasa, 09 Mei 2017
Examples of English About Grammar

Examples of English About Grammar
1. My mother is one of English teachers in this school. She … here everyday.
B. taught
C. teach
D. teaches
E. is teaching
2. I always bring my dictionary everyday to my school, but I … to bring it yesterday.
A. forget
B. forgotten
C. forgetting
D. to forget
E. forgot
3. I had five books on my table two days ago but now … only two on it.
A. there is
B. there are
C. there was
D. there were
E. there is no
4. I … my bike when it was dirty, but now I am lazy to wash it
A. washing
B. to wash
C. washes
D. wash
E. washed
5. My sister lives in village but she … in city.
A. works
B. worked
C. working
D. to work
E. work
6. The man has elementary school education but he …good at mathematics.
A. is
B. was
C. were
D. are
E. has
7. The river near my house is deep enough so it … dangerous for children to play near it.
A. is
B. was
C. were
D. are
E. has
8. Her hobby is singing that’s why she always … singing together with her friends.
A. practices
B. practice
C. to practice
D. practicing
E. practiced
9. I sometimes come late to school but this day I … early.
A. come
B. comes
C. to come
D. coming
E. came
10. My teacher will … happy if I can answer his question well.
A. to be
B. be
C. being
D. been
E. has been
11. My uncle works hard night and day because he … support his family economy.
A. have to
B. has to
C. have
D. has
E. had
12. Everything can … well if you also try to cooperate with us.
A. ran
B. running
C. run
D. to run
E. runs
13. You should … driving license if you drive a car on high way otherwise the police give you a  ticket.
A. have
B. has
C. have to
D. has to
E. having
14. Most of students in this class can … English fluently, the others still have to practice a lot.
A. speak
B. spoke
C. speaking
D. speaks
E. to speak
15. My English teacher may … us  writing test tomorrow so have to make preparation for it
A. give
B. gave
C. given
D. to give
E. gives
16. Students must … their school fee as much as $ 15 every month.
A. pay
B. paid
C. pays
D. to pay
E. paying
17. The room is dark so we can’t … anything without light.
A. see
B. saw
C. sees
D. to see
E. seen
18. My computer is out of order so I must … it to Computer Center to repair it.
A. bring
B. to bring
C. brought
D. brings
E. bringing
19. Thomas Alfa Edison … electricity which is very important for us nowadays.
A. invents
B. invent
C. to invent
D. invented
E. invention
20. It is raining hard so you must … your car slowly.
A. drive
B. driving
C. to drive
D. driven
E. drives
21. Is Rina still sick?
Yes, I wish she …. here now to help me type the report.
A. is
B. were
C. would be
D. will be
E. had been
22.   I am planning to go to the party tonight but it is not raining
It’s raining very hard now.I wish ….
A..It stops
B. It will stop
C. It would stop
D. It stopped
E. It had stopped
23. I wish …. now to watch our play.
A. he is here
B. he has been here
C. he were here
D. he be here
E. he will be here
24. I wish you ….tomorrow.
A. have gone
B. will go
C. would go
D. shall go
E. are going to go
25. “Let’s go swimming.” I wish I …….. We have a test next Tuesday.
A. am able to
B. could
C. be able to
D. could be
E. will be able to
26. Tina : I am afraid I can’t finish my work.
Evi  : I wish I could help you.
From the dialogue we conclude that Evi …. Tina.
A. can’t help
B. won’t help
C. didn’t  help
D. hadn’t help
E. doesn’t want to help
27. I wish you …..  stay at home because I am sure you will  the concert very much.
A. didn’t have to
B. hadn’t had to
C. hadn’t to
D. haven’t had to
E. don’t have to
28. Budi has won  a medal for swimming. I wish I …..as good as he is
A. were
B. will be
C. am
D. should be
E. would be
29. “If only his son  had studied hard” means …………
A. his son did not study hard
B. his son studied hard
C. his son has studied hard
D. his son will not study hard
E. his son never studies  hard
30. She  goes to the blackboard as if  she knew how to solve the problem .
The underlined words mean ……………….
A. she actually couldn’t solve the problem
B. she ought to know how to solve the problem
C. She does not know how to solve the problem
D. She didn’t know how to solve the problem
E. She succeeded in solving the problem
31. “Would you mind ______ please?”
A. to answer the telephone
B. answering the telephone
C. answer the telephone
D. to answer the telephone
E. for answering the telephone
32. It is necessary that you _______ here on time.
A. are
B. were
C. to be
D. are not
E. be
33. If you want to ___ in running your business, you must work
hard .
A. success
B. succeed
C. successfully
D. successful
E. successive
34. The man ________ is very rich.
A. of which car BMW
B. whose car is BMW
C. whose have BMW
D. that his car is BMW
E. whose has BMW
35. Don’t let your baby ___ outside!
A. play
B. playing
C. is playing
D. to play
E. plays
36. Don’t worry! _____ the heavy rain, I will visit you next
Saturday night.
A. However
B. Besides
C. Even though
D. Furthermore
E. Despite
37. Having caught the thief , _________ .
A. the thief was taking to the police station with the
B. the police station would be the best place to question
the thief
C. the evidence and the thief were taken to the police
D. the thief would be questioned by the police in the police
E. the police took the thief and the evidence to the police

38. A: “Taufik is playing well now.”
B: “He ____ before.”
A. must have practiced a lot
B. could have practiced a lot
C. ought to have practiced a lot
D. should be practiced a lot
E. must practice a lot
39. Mother warned her … the newly painted wall.
A. not touched
B. not to touch
C. do not touch
D. not touching
E. not touch
40.I … the  Sudirman street when it began to rain.
A. am walking down
B. have walked down
C. have been walking down
D. was walking down
E. would walk down
41. “When do you plan to get married?”
“After … school”.
A. I finish
B. I finished
C. I am finishing
D. I had finished
E. I have been finished
42. “I’m sure he will be successful in his job.”
“Yes “
A. if he should work hard enough
B. if he works hard enough
C. if he worked hard enough
D. if he work hard enough
E. if he had worked hard enough
43.“… he would have  eaten half of the cake.”
A. If he is hungry
B. Were he hungry
C. If only he was hungry
D. Had he been hungry
E. If he would be hungry
44.The batik dress mother gave me is old, its color has faded. Its refers to …
A. mother
B. batik
C. dress
D. color
E. me
45. Which of the following statements is correct?
” …”
“Yes; sometimes I do”
A. Do you see ever my uncle?
B. Do you ever see my uncle?
C. Ever do you see my uncle?
D. Do ever see you my uncle?
E. Do see ever you my uncle?
46.“I could have asked somebody else to carry that box” means …
A. “I carried the box”
B. “Somebody else carried the box”
C. “I asked someone to carry the box”
D. “I would ask someone to carry the box”
E. “I didn’t want to carry the box”
47.I’m planning to go to a party tonight, but it’s raining very hard now. I wish …
A. it stops
B. it will stop
C. it would stop
D. it has stopped
E. it had stopped
48. Your sister always gets up late on Sundays, …?
A. isn’t it
B. will she
C. does it
D. should she
E. doesn’t she
49.… a new language can be very interesting.
A. Learn
B. Learned
C. Learning
D. To learning
E. In learning
50.She went to the blackboard as if she knew how to solve the problem. The underlined words mean …
A. She actually couldn’t solve the problem

B. She ought to know how to solve the problem
C. she definitely knew how to solve the problem
D. She should know how to solve the problem
E. she succeeded in solving the problem
51.“What did he promise you?”
“… if he wins the lottery”
A. He treats me
B. I treat him
C. To treat me
D. He should treat me
E. That he treats me
52.“Having covered the typewriter, she turned the light off” means …
A. “While turning off the light, she covered the typewriter”
B. “She turned the light off when she covered the typewriter”
C. She covered the typewriter, then she turned the light off
D. She turned the light off as she was covering the typewriter”
E. “Since she had turned the light off, she covered the typewriter”
53. These shoes old, … comfortable.
A. but
B. nor
C. while
D. quite
E.  neither
” …”
54.“Neither does she”
A. I also sew my own clothes
B. She cannot sew her own clothes
C. Nor do I sew my own clothes
D. I don’t sew my own clothes
E. E Does she sew her own clothes?
55.“… a pity we missed the program.”
A. Being
B. It is
C. That is
D. There is
E. What is
56.The teacher has the children … to the passage twice.
A. listen
B. listened
C. listening-
D. to listen
E. have listened
57.“Mahmud had the oil of his car changed yesterday” means …
A. “He changed the oil of his car”
B. “He had to change the oil of his car”
C. “Someone changed the oil of his car”
D. “He would have changed the oil of his car”
E. “Someone asked Mahmud to changed the oil of his car”
58.My neighbor is a well … and very successful businessman.
A. educated
B. education
C. educating
D. educate
E. educative
59.“I’m sorry for … you all this trouble,
A. doing
B. making
C. causing
D. creating
E. disturbing
60.The disappointed man jumped out of the window and committed …
A. suicide
B. murder
C. death
D. crime
E. sin
61.He started to make a living right after the death of his father. The underlined word mean …
A. to work hard
B. to stay alive
C. to get married
D. to earn money
E. to look for a house
62. He was helped by a very beautiful nurse.
The underlined word  has nearly the same meaning as …
A. nice
B. thoughtful
C. modest
D. friendly
E. pretty
63.”The boys have been told the good news” Mean …
A. The good news was told to the boys
B. Somebody has told the boys the good news
C. The good news has been told by the boys
D. The boys have told the good news ‘
E. The good news about the boys has been told
64.“Is the new edition of this book already available?” No, …..
A. it is printing
B. it has printed
C. it is being printed
D. it has been printed
E. it was printed
65. The police …..  for the robber for two years before they caught him.
A. had been looking
B. have been looking
C. were being looked
D. had to be looked
E. were looked
66.“Why were her eyes red?”
“Because …”.
A. she cries
B. she is crying
C. she had been crying
D. she has been crying
E. she has cried
67.“If I had come earlier, I could have met Bob in person” means …
A. “I came very early, so that I could meet Bob in person”
B. I came late, so I could not meet Bob in person”
C. “Although I came early, I could not meet Bob in person”
D. “I did not come late, nevertheless, I could not meet Bob in person”
E. I came early, therefore I could not meet Bob in person”
68. His name is Paul, isn’t …?
A. he
B. his
C. that
D. so
E. it
69.“He must have been seen me eat the fish” means …
A. I must eat the fish
B. He must see me eat the fish
C. I’m sure that he saw me eat the fish
D. He could see me eat the fish
E. I conclude that he saw me eat the fish
70.She missed the train. She … earlier.
A. should leave
B. must leave
C. must have left
D. should have left
E. should be leaving
71. “I am sorry I don’t know the answer, but I really wish I …”
A. know
B. knew
C. have known
D. will know
E. had known
72.“If only his son had studied harder” means …
A. His son did not study harder
B. His son had studied harder
C. His son has studied harder
D. His son will not study harder
E. His son never studies harder
73. The dishes we had for lunch were all delicious …?
A. didn’t they
B. hadn’t they
C. were they
D. had they
E. weren’t they
74. At new year’s eve … continued until early in the morning.
A. to sing and to dance
B. they sing and dance
C. singing and dancing
D. song and dance
E. they’re singing and dancing
75. I was interested in … more about your work.
A. learn
B. learning

C. learned
D. learning
E. to learning
76. He knows only a little English, … he is to do good business.
A. unless
B. moreover
C. since
D. but
E. therefore
77.… a sharp axe, he cut down the tree easily.
A. Using
B. To used
C. To using
D. Have used
E. To have used

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